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Partnered Since - 20/07/21

AllTalks is a mental health oriented Discord server aimed at promoting mental health within teenagers and young adults, from providing channels to just let your emotions out, to private 1-1 sessions to help you with the basics, we've got it all here for you. We will always try our best to point you in the right direction in terms of helplines and services that you should contact about your issues. We always encourage you to speak out about your issues, and that's what we are here to help you achieve, bottling things up never works.


Partnered Since - 05/06/21

beatX is a Discord music bot that allows you to listen to your favourite tracks, whether that would be Spotify playlists, Soundcloud, or even youtube and even SimulatorHits!



Partnered Since - 28/02/21

We have been around for quiet a few years under the radar of totally different names etc and think it's time to come out of the wood work with a brand new look and format, especially with what's happening in the world today and kinda keep everyone sane and help eachother through it. We was revamped on 3rd February 2021. We are a gaming community called SGUK formally known as SocialGamingUK we play on many gaming systems and many many games so come and join us sometime you will enjoy your time and experience and we have many options for everyone, and a friendly community!

Relaxed Truckers Logistics

Partnered Since - 25/02/21

RTL is the Official VTC for SimulatorHits - If you are looking to join a VTC full of Relaxed Members/Drivers, RTL is the place for you! With their very own custom drivers hub and up-coming relies of our own job logger. They are leading the way in Relaxed Driving! Not only the community are based round Trucking, but Farming Sim and Minecraft too!


Lone Survivor DayZ

Partnered Since - 25/01/21

Lone Survivor DayZ is a gaming community, which is highly focused on PVP. We have 18k+ discord members and 8 servers which you can choose to your liking. With active staff and frequent updates this makes the best, and most entertaining European server in DayZ.


Partnered Since - 09/01/21

This year, SimulatorHits is Partnering with Water Aid to help raise money for Charity. They host convoys anually, in hope to rais as much money as they can to support WaterAid. You can find more information via their Discord.

Ocean Drive

Partnered Since - 15/08/20

Ocean Drive is a FiveM Server! Realistic Economy, Active Staff, Criminal Activity & More! Not only that, but you can listen to SimulatorHits Inside of GTA:V - How about that 😉



Partnered Since - 27/07/20

"Forking Hell (do you like the pun?) is a 3D casual arcade-simulation game where the player guides a forklift vehicle around a virtual warehouse and completes customer orders over the working days." Sourced from Steam

Stream Promote

Partnered Since - 10/07/20

Stream Promote is a Discord Community for Content Creators to promote their content such as Streams, Graphics, Videos, Podcasts and more! We have over 5,500 members and counting, don't miss out and join us today!